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Next Phase of Remote Learning

Please see the message below from Dr. Tutwiler.

Dear LPS Family,


It is my sincere hope that you are well – in health and in spirit.  To say that these times are trying would be a profound understatement.  The situation will improve and things will get better.   As we eagerly await those days, the extent to which we stay connected and together will make our effort to support our families more successful.


On March 31st, I sent a communication outlining the next phase of our remote learning effort. By way of quick reminder, the next phase begins April 27th and takes the form of interdisciplinary work anchored in common themes, district-wide.    The work will feature the themes of Community (3 weeks beginning on 4/27), Adaptations (5 weeks beginning on 5/18) and Reflection (6/17-6/18). Thanks to the praiseworthy efforts of the remote learning planning teams, we are ready to proceed.  Links to the remote learning materials for all grades can be found below.  On Monday, school sites will be updated with user-friendly access to the material, translatable to most languages.  Additionally, a paper packet availability plan will be communicated to all tomorrow.


This shift in approach to academic engagement was done with students and their families’ front of mind.   A key criterion in its development was accessible and meaningful activities.  The evolved approach will allow our team to better support and communicate with students and families as the content is universalized.  We can now calibrate our focus, our conversations, and our feedback more seamlessly. 


The attached activities are designed to be the primary focus of student learning.  The plan aligns with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education guidance calling for daily learning activities to span one-half of a typical school day.  That said, we fully acknowledge that some scenarios call for slightly different plans or thoughtful additions.  This plan is not designed to interrupt those necessary alterations or additions or stifle the incredible creativity on display thus far.  As the plan begins in earnest on Monday, April 27th, I am asking staff to acquaint themselves with the plans intended to serve students in their caseload in preparation for the launch.


You can expect another communication of this sort in preparation for the “Adaptations” launch.  Stay safe and stay well.


With deep respect for all you do,


ELEMENTARY – PreK and Kindergarten


ELEMENTARY – Grades 1 and 2


ELEMENTARY – Grades 3, 4 and 5






Patrick Tutwiler, PhD

Superintendent, Lynn Public Schools

100 Bennett Street, Lynn, MA 01905

Tel: 781-477-7220 Ext 3154

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